Lidl's Return Policy

Lidl’s Return Policy: 90 Days of Flexibility to Shop without Worries

Welcome to Lidl’s return policy – your ultimate guide to hassle-free returns and exchanges! We understand the importance of a customer-friendly return policy, offering customers an easy and convenient way to make returns and exchanges. In this blog post, we’ll explore Lidl’s return policies in detail, covering all aspects from general guidelines for returning products, refund options available to customers, special provisions for alcohol returns and Christmas purchases, and employee exchange policy. Read on for more information about making successful product returns at Lidl.

What is Lidl’s Return Policy?

Lidl is committed to providing its customers with a positive shopping experience, offering quality products and a hassle-free returns policy. The main elements of Lidl’s return policy include:

  • All items purchased at Lidl can be returned within 90 days from the date of purchase, except clearance items and certain other excluded items (see list below).
  • Customers must present valid proof of purchase (receipt or bank statement) when making their returns.
  • Certain items may be returned for an exchange or refund, depending on availability and customer preference.

It is important that customers read and understand the terms of Lidl’s return policy before attempting to make any returns. This will help to ensure that all returns are successful and free from any complications or delays.

Returning Products: General Guidelines

The following is a step-by-step process for returning products at Lidl:

  • Visit the customer service desk with the item you would like to return, along with your proof of purchase.
  • Complete and sign the returns form provided by the customer service representative. This form should include details such as the product description, quantity, date of purchase, and reason for return.
  • The customer service representative will inspect your item(s) before approving or rejecting your return request. If approved, you will receive either a refund or an exchange, depending on availability and customer preference.

It is important to note that all returned items must be in their original condition (including packaging and documents) in order to be accepted. Additionally, certain items may not be eligible for returns due to safety or hygiene reasons.

Lidl Refund Policy

Lidl offers a range of refund options, depending on the payment methods used when making the purchase. Customers who pay by cash or debit card will receive a full cash refund, while customers who paid by credit card will be offered either a cash refund or a credit applied to their account. Customers have 60 days from the date of receipt of goods to make any returns for refunds. There are some exceptions and conditions for refunds – particularly for electrical appliances and other excluded items (see list below).

Lidl Alcohol Policy

Lidl follows a strict alcohol policy in order to promote responsible shopping and consumption. Customers who wish to return any alcoholic beverages must present valid proof of purchase when making their returns – such as the original receipt or bank statement showing the date and time of purchase. All returned alcohol items must also be sealed and unused, with no signs of tampering or damage. Customers should also note that alcohol returns are only permitted at the store where the item was purchased; online orders must be returned to the nearest Lidl location.

Lidl Christmas Policy

Lidl offers customers additional flexibility when returning any items purchased during the festive season. All Christmas purchases can be returned up to 14 days after the festive period, during which time customers can exchange or receive a full refund (excluding delivery charges).

Lidl Excluded Items

In order to ensure customer safety and satisfaction, certain items may not be eligible for return at Lidl stores. This includes:

  • Food items that have been opened and/or used
  • Perishable goods such as meat, dairy products, and fresh produce
  • Electrical appliances (unless covered by warranty)
  • Personal care items that have been opened and/or used
  • Items purchased on a ‘no returns’ basis (see list below)

Customers should be aware of the items listed above before attempting to make any returns at Lidl stores.


We hope that this blog post has provided you with a comprehensive overview of Lidl’s return policies, helping you to make successful returns and exchanges without any complications. Remember – always familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of Lidl’s return policy before making any returns or exchanges.

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