Hassle-Free Returns: A Deep Dive into SSENSE Return Policy

Embarking on an online shopping spree opens the door to a world of fashion and lifestyle choices, all from the cozy confines of your home. However, unraveling the intricacies of a platform’s return policy is crucial for a gratifying experience. Enter SSENSE, a trailblazing online retailer with a meticulously crafted return policy designed to meet the diverse needs of its discerning clientele. Let’s delve into the nuances of the SSENSE Return Policy for a seamless and informed shopping journey.

Embracing Free Returns in Select Regions

SSENSE extends the luxury of free return shipping to customers situated in Canada, the United States, and Japan. To kickstart the return process, customers must initiate the request within 30 calendar days from the delivery date. The item earmarked for return must maintain its original, pristine condition—unused, unaltered, and unwashed—complete with all tags and packaging intact. A noteworthy caveat: items tagged as Final Sale are exempt from the return eligibility.

Tailored Guidelines for Distinct Categories


The meticulous return of footwear involves a touch of care. Customers are advised to don clean socks and conduct the footwear trial on a carpeted surface to preserve the soles’ integrity. Both the dust bag and/or shoe box must make their return journey in their unaltered original condition.

Intimate Apparel, Swimwear, and Face Masks

Unworn and adorned with the original hygienic protection sticker, intimate apparel, swimwear, and face masks comply with the return policy. Face masks and coverings, in the interest of hygiene, bid adieu as Final Sale items.


The return of apparel demands the preservation of original tags. Shoppers are counseled to navigate potential hazards like deodorants, makeup, or perfumes that might leave their mark on the item.

Self-Care Products and Sexual Wellness Items

A meticulous return is mandated for products in these categories—intact original packaging, unused, unaltered, and sealed. Sexual wellness toys, on the other hand, steer clear of the return aisle for health and safety reasons.

Dangerous Goods

Items carrying the “Dangerous Goods” label, encompassing candles, fragrances, oils, pressurized canned products, and electronics with batteries, etch a one-way ticket to Final Sale status due to safety concerns.

Navigating the Return Odyssey

To initiate a return, customers can seamlessly submit a request for a Return Authorization (RA) through their SSENSE account or enlist the aid of the Customer Care team. Embracing an eco-friendly approach, SSENSE eschews paper, omitting return slips from shipments.

For guest orders, the creation of an SSENSE account is imperative for return management. Multiple orders call for individual return requests and separate shipping.

The return process sails smoothly for customers in Canada, the United States, and Japan with free return shipping. Hong Kong witnesses the arrival of a prepaid return label, accompanied by a deduction of $HKD 290 per package from the refund. International customers, excluding Japan and Hong Kong, shoulder the cost of return shipments and coordinate returns with their local postal services.

The Saga of Exchanges and Refunds

SSENSE gracefully sidesteps direct exchanges, urging customers to orchestrate a return for a full refund. Once the returned merchandise passes the quality check, refunds are unleashed to the original payment method within five business days. A caveat echoes through the refund process: shipping fees remain non-refundable.

Warranty Chronicles and Dangerous Goods Epilogue

Products from SSENSE dance to the tune of their respective manufacturers’ warranties, with SSENSE emphasizing reliance on manufacturers for warranty details. Dangerous Goods, adorned with shipping restrictions, are crowned Final Sale, with SSENSE refusing to issue Return Authorization for these items.

The Ebb and Flow of Frequent Returns

SSENSE graciously extends a lenient return policy but keeps a watchful eye on frequent return patterns from the same account. A cautionary note echoes: accounts showcasing potential abuse may face repercussions, including account blocking or order cancellations.

The Guardian Angels: Customer Care

For all queries and assistance, SSENSE opens the gateway to customer care through email ([email protected]), phone assistance during designated hours, and 24/7 chat support.

In essence, acquainting oneself with the intricacies of the SSENSE Return Policy serves as the compass for a seamless shopping expedition. As customers navigate this policy with confidence, the joy of online shopping unfolds in its truest form, devoid of any return-related hiccups.

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